3D visualization (indoor and outdoor)

Visualization instead of description and physical inspection

Gain a new and modern planning tool through our models, that can be accessed online and offline.

The future of management lies not anymore on the paper but three-dimensional on the screen, the tablet or the VR goggle.

Virtual tours of complex infrastructures

Digital planning and review within the structure

We visualize complex infrastructures through indoor photogrammetry.

Guide your staff, your customers or your suppliers virtually through your infrastructure.

We facilitate a whole new dimension of training and Management and save time and money.

3D warehouse management

Intelligent logistics administration

Our cutting edge programming provides virtual twins of any logistics infrastructure and resurrects those to an intelligent life.

Our models provide open interfaces to existing logistics management systems and databases and can easily be implemented in your operations.

Easy visualization of complex infrastructures

Our solutions provide object specific 3D models close to the reality of given infrastructures.

We reproduce complex logistics processes for your optimal results.

Ease your planning and management and increase your efficiency.

3D inspections management

Virtual constructional engineering validation

Operate our virtual models in combination with our UAS (unmanned aerial system) inspection.

We create a modern interface of planning and status validation.

Our Solutions eases your data management and reduces your inspection cost extensively.

3D building management

Intelligent building administration

We digitally image the current status of your infrastructure via 3D models.

A UAS (unmanned aerial system) based aero-triangulation of the infrastructure combines gazillion of image points to structured models.

We deliver a photorealistic 3d model of complex infastructures with an accuracy of up to 2cm.

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