Modern ROV technology

Insights below the waterline

If you plan on integrating unmanned systems in ports, you should not stop at the waterline.

Cost effective and powerful ROV (remotely operated vehicle) are also part of our portfolio and enhance topics such as underwater survey and in-water inspections enormously.

Official partner since september 2020

Underwater inspection with ROV

Unmanned in-water-surveys

We provide today the technology and experience to conduct unmanned in-water surveys and appraisal of damages.

We believe, the future of in-water survey will be unmanned, efficient and cheap.

Our hardware

Unmanned fouling surveillance

Fast results

Especially after long idle periods, a surveillance of fouling conditions of the ship hull is crucial. We provide these information fast, purposeful and cost efficient with ROV Systems.

Our service delivers optimal results compressed in significant reports.

We combine ROV inspections with 3D interfaces

A modern way of data analysis

We not only provide a modern form of ROV inspections, but also set up the corresponding interface for data management and analysis.

Our interfaces allow for a new dimension of data analysis and a modern appearance towards customers and suppliers.

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