UAS (unmanned aerial systems)

Enhance your efficiency and planning

The integration of unmanned systems in industrial processes provides yet unforeseen opportunities to enhancing efficiency and gaining new information.

We remain at your side to implement unmanned systems in our operations, be it UAS (unmanned aerial systems) or ROV (remotely operated vehicles).

Advantages of unmanned systems

fast inspection

considerable costs reduction compared to climber or mobile lifts

high resolution sensors for optimal output

target-aimed integration in existing operations

modern presentation towards your customer and supplier

Drones for port surveillance

A new dimension of monitoring

Unmanned systems provide extremely flexible operational potentials with high resolution sensors at comparable costs.

The assisting impact on drones in port safety and security has been proven in practice multiple times.

Thermal inspection in 640p

Inspect your energy efficiency

We operate established systems for unmanned thermal inspections in ports and industrial infrastructure.

640p at 30 Hz will provide you with the desired quality of results and insights in your structures.

Inspection and constructional engineering validation

No failure remains concealed

Benefit from our longstanding experience of unmanned inspections in ports and industrial infrastructures.

The operation of modern sensor systems close to the object of inspection reveals even the tiniest damages.

With us you can integrate modern inspection services in your operations and safe time and money during this process at increased safety.

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