Stein Maritime Consulting is a Hamburg based consultancy with focus on the maritime business.
We apply the hanseatic spirit, which we learned from scratch, and
combine this spirit with research and consulting of modern technology.
Hanseatic modern: sounds like a contradiction, we call it daily business.


THESEUS e-learning

unmanned systems

3D visualization

research & consulting

Now official partner of Blueye Robotis


We provide holistic solutions for you company, your suppliers and your customers.
Our services are hereby based on the following basic principles:


A thoroughly consideration of the project and its aims.


A detailed evaluation of relevant factors.


The integration of new insights into your company’s processes. 


A mix of profitability, ecological reasonability and safety/security.

THESEUS e-learning

Tailor-made online education for port facilities

THESEUS e-learning is a powerful and cost-effective tool for staff training in industrial infrastructures.

Our ISPS quarterly training is compliant with the requirements of many Designated Authority and already passed an inspection of the EU Commission.

All THESEUS trainings are data protected and are hosted in Germany.

Unmanned Systems

Modern solutions for modern facilities

Benefit from the advantages of operating unmanned systems in your company and profit from our experience of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) and ROV (remotely operated vehicles) in industrial operations.

We realize modern inspection operations according to your demand by utilizing a variety of hardware-, software- and sensor-systems.

3D Visualization

A new dimension of planning and inspection

By deploying drone-based photogrammetry i.e. aero triangulation we offer photorealistic 3D models for planning and management purposes of your facilities and infrastructures.

Via cutting edge programming of the gaming and VR industry we arouse these models and transfer them into intelligent interfaces tailor-made to the requirements and data infrastructure of the customer.

Research & Consulting

Your partner in theory and practise

We operate narrowly towards science, which we actively support. We stand by your side if you need consulting or assistance with funding applications or funding programs.

Our focus lies on safety- and security research, systainability as well as the operation of unmanned technologies in maritime and industrial infrastructures.


Flexibility is our strength. We constantly find the best solution for our customer’s demand.


The paper describes an unmanned inspection of maritime infrastructures and conducts a risk analysis on the example of German ports.
The article introduces advantages of digitalized cranes with examples of unmanned inspections and 3D visualization in the port of Hamburg
Maritime risk management with 3D plannning, IAME 2019
The paper introduces the concept of operating UAV based 3D mapping in ports providing quantitative data for the first time.
Study on 3D mapping or photogrammetry in ports.
The paper introduces the concept operating low cost 3D models by UAV for cost effective operations planning and facility management.
Port planning via 3D visualization
The article describes chances of modern 3D plans on active defense as part of the Labs Network Industry 4.0 (LNI4.0).
The article describes potentials of digitalization in the offshore wind logistics via unmanned systems as well as other modern approaches.


We are on hand with help and advice for you.

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